Few words about me.

Serious technology freak, interested in procedural generation and AI.
Unity enthusiast, current computer science student and also a very passionate gamer.
In his spare time he develops indie games as Bloodstone Studios and takes part in student
societies' projects or participates in GameJams/Hackatons.


VAR Unit
Unity Programmer / Jul 2017 - Present


Portable Console
Easy to use and modify, open source, in-game console for Unity / Jan 2018
Arcade Sniper
Simple and fun aim and shoot game. Made with C#/Unity / 2017
Remake of classic Sokoban game. Made with C++ / 2015
Minor projects
You can check out more on GitHub, Itch.io and Unity Connect


Short story about strategy pattern
Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa / Wrocław 2018 / Download